Why charge congestion tax for people who leave the city?

A few years ago a “Congestion tax” was introduced in Stockholm – road fees that are meant to reduce the amount of traffic in the city center[1] and push people to go around Stockholm, rather than through the city.

Picture of one of the congestion tax control points in Stockholm

Photo: Holger Ellgaard. The picture is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported and has been cropped from below compared to the the original picture.

What I don’t understand though – if you want to reduce congestions and traffic in the city center, why are you charged for leaving the city and not just for entering? 

1. The full purpose is to “reduce congestion, increase accessibility and improve the environment”, see www.stockholmsforsoket.se/templates/page.aspx?id=2431. Back △

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