Two very different attitudes to your reviews – and TripAdvisor

I made a long trip around last Christmas, covering several countries and stretching over 1 month. A week or so after coming back home I decided to write reviews for some of the places, inspired by a review reminder from

Screenshot of the review request reminder from for hotel Erlanger Hof.

I decided to write both on, where I had researched many of the places extensively, and on, where I had booked at least one of the hotels.

The review experience was very different though: review experience:

  • Good email that gets you started straight away.
  • A time limit of 28 days means that the info you submitted is rejected straight away if you’ve been on a long trip.
  • I wrote to them and said that 28 days maybe was too little.
  • After a few days I got a nice answer from them with a new review period of 28 days, but I didn’t check my secondary inboxes for a few weeks as I was starting a new job at the same time, so I missed that email.
  • When I next checked my secondary inboxes I found an encouraging email from saying that only 4 days remained to review the hotel I had booked through them.
  • I once again clicked the “Excellent” button in the email to answer “How would you rate the location of the hotel?”
  • My answer was once again rejected because the link was too old (it had expired two days ago). review experience:

  • Easy to add a review even when it’s been a month or so since you visited the place.
  • After writing the review you are commended for it.
  • A month or so after writing the review you get a follow-up that tells you how many people have read your review.

All in all left an me with an air of wanting to have control of the user and bad assumptions on how the review process might work when you travel whereas gave me a great user experience from start to end.

Or to put it bluntly: I can write a review on any of the two places— sets up obstacles and tells me I’m wrong, and helps me and then tells me I’ve been good. Where will I write my future reviews?

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