Suicide Attack in Stockholm the Other Day? – Better Time Stamp Old Articles in the Top Lists

Yesterday (September 12, 2014) the “Most Read” top list at Swedish journal Svenska Dagbladet’s web site included a link to an article about the suicide attack in Stockholm 2010:

Screenshot of the "Most read" list, with the link to the article "Man blew himself up in Stockholm" highlighted
This image has been manipulated. (Beyond just adding the arrow and the encircling.)

The list usually contains fairly recent articles, which got me thinking that maybe someone blew himself up in Stockholm the past few days, again, which wasn’t the case.

It’s a good thing old articles are included, it’s interesting to see what’s being read a lot right now – whether it’s new or old – but it’d be good with some kind of labeling so you know how old the articles are.

They could, for example, be labelled like this:

  • “today”
  • “yesterday”
  • “x days ago”
  • “x weeks ago”
  • “x months ago”
  • “x years ago”

Which could like this:

Screenshot of the "Most read" list, with time stamps on the articles

Or, with time stamps only for the articles that are older than a week, to make it less cluttered:

Screenshot of the "Most read" list, with time stamp only for articles older than a week (i.e. the bottom one)

I’ve sent the idea to Svenska Dagbladet, let’s see what they say.

(It’s not just SvD that could benefit from this, the same thing has happened to me on the web site of the other big Swedish newspaper, and I’m sure there are more pages with similar top lists that could benefit from time stamps. To all of you I say: go ahead and still this idea if you like it, I’ll be happy if you do.)

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