Please Read the Manual (Not Included)

I was recently browsing computers at and noted that their purchase agreement has a funny twist:

Screenshot of the purchase agreement with two conflicting sections highlighted – "Greentech is not responsible for product errors that have arisen because the product was not used according to the user guide." and "The products are sold without a manual."

For their guarantee to be valid you must use the computers according to the user guide, but the same purchase agreement also points out that the manual is not included, so the question is – how are you supposed to know how to use them right?

I’ve sent them an email, let’s see what they say.

UPDATE, Nov 30, 2014:
Greentech answered as follows:

Screenshot of Greentech’s answer (in Swedish, translation below)

Hi and thank you for the input!
A lot is included interactively in the operating system today.
Have a nice weekend!
Best regards
Part of Arrow Value Recovery

…which is a little vague if you want to to follow the instructions in the agreement – what usage instructions where in the operating system are you supposed to follow for the guarantee to be valid?

I suspect that common sense will go a long way, and if they were to claim that you can’t claim the guarantee because you didn’t follow some non-obvious instruction I doubt the vague information in their instructions would hold up in a court or in arbitration (although hopefully it won’t go all the way to court or arbitration – hopefully you won’t even need the guarantee).

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