Nice to get an engaged answer

It’s always nice when your suggestions get an enthusiastic reception. I often let web sites and physical places I visit know about small and large things that I think can be improved; often I get a “Thanks, we’ll look into that.” for an answer – polite and sincere but with a big risk that the suggestion will get lost in the daily routine.

But sometimes you get an answer that is a bit more engaged, that answer which brightens up your day a bit, like the answer I got from MJ Multimedia today (a Sunday, mind you – someone made the effort to answer during their day off!).

I had emailed them yesterday about their link to the Purchasing Terms on the checkout page, a link that was just plain text and not a standard link at all, so it was hard to spot that you could click it, and this is the answer I got (my comments and highlights in pink and green):

Screenshot of the answer from MJ Multimedia, with the following content: Subject: Link to the purchasing terms using a real link? (so that it is visible); From: MJ Multimedia; To: Elias Mossholm; Hi, Thank you very much for your suggestion. We can control the look of our site to some extent ourselves but some is, unfortunately, decided by the provider from which we buy the site. However, I have placed a request with them to change this as I absolutely agree with you that it is hard to click when you don’t clearly see the mouse icon changing and when the link isn’t underlined for example. Apart from in the Checkout section, the Terms & Conditions are also available at the bottom of the page, under “Legal Information” and “Purchasing Terms” (see attached picture) but as I said I hope we’ll get some help to make it clearer in the Checkout section by making the link text green from the beginning and underlined and then make it change to black when you do a mouseover on it and also the cursor changes to a hand as you suggest. In the meantime while we’re waiting for their help I’ll see if I can clarify the text there in any way but I think it’s been shortened because the layout gets weird if the text takes up two rows if it gets longer. Once again, thank you for your suggestion on how to improve the page! BR Markus

(The original letter in Swedish can be read here.)

It’s a fairly small matter, yet I do hope the provider of their web site does listen to the suggestion, it would make the site a little easier to use and also raise it’s overall credibility. I was a bit suspicious of the site when I placed the order but figured it probably would work out in the end, now I wouldn’t hesitate ordering there again, nevermind a somewhat long delivery time (7+ days, but the price is good).

UPDATE: Today (Monday) Markus at MJ Multimedia’s customer support got back to me and told me he had updated the link to work much better, and indeed it does! This is what it looks like now:

Skärmdump av den uppdaterade länken.

This is what it looked like two days ago (recreated by me from the new screenshot):

Screenshot showing what the old link looked like.

Well done!

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