About “A Better World”

Welcome, dear reader!

This is a blog about usability and user experience, about systems and processes – things that affect our everyday life and by being great or not so great they help us or frustrate us.

I’ll try my best to find the good examples around us, sound decisions and clever solutions that can serve as role models for others. The things that don’t work will also have their given place with a comment on how they could, or should, work ;-).

Occasionally I might also stray off into psychology or other topics related to usability, user experience, systems and processes.

If you are inspired by a post, think I’m wrong or just want to shed some other light on the subject – write a comment! I appreciate any discussion we can start here, and general feedback too.


PS. I will post in different languages. Which one will depend on what mood I’m in and the positions of Mars and the Moon, and on how much fish there is in the sea.

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