I like the "Tyck om Stockholm" app

This Sunday I reported an errouneous street sign in the app Tyck om Stockholm – an app for reporting errors, giving praise or filing complaints about the city of Stockholm in general (the name is a play on words, meaning either “Have an opinion on Stockholm” or “Like Stockholm”, depending on where you put the stress). The sign in question was a “No Thorouhgfare” sign at the end of Götgatsbacken toward Slussen:

Picture of the misleading street sign at the end of Götgatsbacken towards Slussen

…which should really be a “Motor Vehicles Prohibited” sign, since the above sign prohibits not only motor trafic but also biking, which is contradictory now that the biking lane has been opened up after being closed for some time.

Last morning (i.e. Wednesday, three days after reporting), to my surprise and delight Continue reading →