Two very different attitudes to your reviews – and TripAdvisor

I made a long trip around last Christmas, covering several countries and stretching over 1 month. A week or so after coming back home I decided to write reviews for some of the places, inspired by a review reminder from

Screenshot of the review request reminder from for hotel Erlanger Hof.

I decided to write both on, where I had researched many of the places extensively, and on, where I had booked at least one of the hotels.

The review experience was very different though: Continue reading →

Nice to get an engaged answer

It’s always nice when your suggestions get an enthusiastic reception. I often let web sites and physical places I visit know about small and large things that I think can be improved; often I get a “Thanks, we’ll look into that.” for an answer – polite and sincere but with a big risk that the suggestion will get lost in the daily routine.

But sometimes you get an answer that is a bit more engaged, that answer which brightens up your day a bit, like the answer I got from MJ Multimedia today (a Sunday, mind you – someone made the effort to answer during their day off!). Continue reading →