Skype Simplifies the Pricing

Halleluja! Skype just announced[1] that they will simplify the top-up in EU + Switzerland and only charge what you ask them to – the VAT will be included in the minute rate instead of being added on top of the top-up amount:

Picture of part of the Swedish announcement from Skype about how they change charging the VAT in the EU and in Switzerland.

Well done! 

1. If anyone has a link to the English version of the email, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll include it in the post. Back △

How Google Drive Attachments Should Work in Gmail

Today, for the first time, I tried to attach a document in Gmail using Google Drive, since it was too big to be sent as a normal attachment.

Image of the button for inserting files with Google Drive in Gmail.

These are the steps I followed:

  1. I clicked “Insert files with Drive”.
  2. I dropped the concerned file in the window that opened and clicked “Upload”.
  3. I sent the email.

So far so good, but the strange thing was what happened after that: Continue reading →

It’s Stylish, but Will It Float?

Dana Rambler and Kathleen Westerhout have created a more fashionable life vest solution, called the Bandaeu Belt[1]:

It looks good but there’s one thing I can’t wrap my head around: what do you do when you fall over board in rough see? Or when you trip, loose your orientation and can’t make out which way is up underwater?

Those are situations when you have big help from a life vest that already sits in place and I’m afraied the Bandeau Belt might offer a false sense of security. I would put my bet on something more standard, whether inflatable[2] or rigid[3]. 

1. It was their graduation project from Emily Carr University of Art + Design back in 2010. Back △
2. Best in test at of 10 self-inflating life vests (only 2 made the grade), July 2013 (in Swedish). Back △
3. Best in test at of 7 rigid life vest for kids, July 2012 (in Swedish). Back △