Sometimes an Open Mind Can Save the Day

I just visited a local sushi outlet to buy a package of nori sheets. After sorting out how many sheets there are in a package and how much it cost i payed for it and then heard the cashier say: “It’ll be ready in 10–15 minutes”.

My jaw dropped a bit.

A package of nori algae.

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Yesterday’s Usability Improvement – a Follow-up

We already have some results on yesterday’s usability improvement to keep people from hitting the ceiling with their heads – it doesn’t work if you’re sitting under the ceiling instead of walking past (or into) it.

Three people sitting in bean bags below the low ceiling at the upper floor of the office.

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Today’s Usability Improvement – Visible Ceiling

Update: Also see “Yesterday’s Usability Improvement – a Follow-up”

After having seen a number of people at my friends’ office hit their heads on the slanted ceiling at the top floor, I put up big red stickers today at the edges of the ceiling to make them more visible.

Fused picture of the left and right sides of the upper half-floor of the office with parts of the ceiling slanting down almost to the floor and a red sticker on each ceiling edge.

It’ll be interesting to see if this will bring down the number of heads hit.

PS. Later during the day I moved the sticker on the left closer to the edge to lessen the possibility of hitting the last decimeter of the ceiling edge.