Focus on What’s Important

Focusing on what’s important is a great idea in many different cases and I was recently reminded about it when was looking through some promotional material I’ve received over the past few months and found these three letters from Swedish energy company Fortum:

October 2013
Front and back of promotion from Fortum, October 2013, offering a free coffee machine if I sign up as a client with them.

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Putting things in the right place

I just updated my Facebook password and it wasn’t quite as straight-forward as I had expected. I started by clicking the lock icon (good first guess), which showed a drop-down menu with no options to change the password :( but with a link to more settings –> great, I can change it there!

A screenshot of the menu that shows up when you press the pad lock icon in Facebook’s top menu

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Clever Packaging – McMuffin

I’m very fond of clever packaging and just found one at McDonald’s – they use the same packaging for different kinds of McMuffins but depending on how you fold it, it will show different information:

Pictures of McMuffin packaging unfolding. At first you only see the info for the type of McMuffin you ordered but as you unwrap it, info for all four kinds shows up (the remaining three were hidden because of the folding).

This doesn’t directly influence the end-consumer but it reduces wasted material and transports to some extent (no left over packages of the wrong kind) and it lessens the amount of planning needed for the procurement department.

Well done!