Leaving the Dog in Your Car

Kim Overland did something clever for his dog: to help passers-by that worry about the dog when it’s left in the car he put a thermometer with a large, clear display so that you can instantly see if it’s too hot in the car. Soon he’ll also add a note with his phone number so that you can contact him if needed.

Picture of the thermometer on Mason’s (the dog’s) cage.

The dog Mason with the thermometer. Photo: Kim Overland, used with his permission.

Kim wrote about it on Facebook: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151594072181666

Well done Kim!

Doing things in the right order

Yesterday, a friend of mine got this message from ge.tt:

Ge.tt tells the user that the file is not available

The reason was that I had tried to send her a big file (223.3 MB) using their service. Unfortunately, my file was too big for the free account so Continue reading →

Using a Microphone when Speaking in Public

The other day I was at a lecture where 4 people did some kind of speaking and a few more from the audience asked questions.

It was easy to hear most of the speakers but one of them, in spite of using a microphone, didn’t really come through.[1]

I’ve seen it before – you hold the microphone at a convenient distance when you start talking but as time goes by the microphone slips further and further away from you. Or the microphone feels awkward to you from the very beginning and you hold it as far away as you can from the very start.

Two pictures of a person seen from the side. In the first picture the person is holding the microphone at mouth-height. In the second picture the person holds the microfon at chest-height.

You start holding the microphone at a good distance but after a while it drops.

…and now and then you turn your head, Continue reading →