Easier to sign

I recently visited the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, and decided to upgrade our entry tickets to a one-year ticket before leaving. This involved some paperwork and as the cashier handed over the receipt to me for signing, she also put two pamphlets from the heap next to me under the receipt to make it easier to sign the receipt:

A receipt put on top of two pamphlets, with a pile of pamphlets right next to it.

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I like the "Tyck om Stockholm" app

This Sunday I reported an errouneous street sign in the app Tyck om Stockholm – an app for reporting errors, giving praise or filing complaints about the city of Stockholm in general (the name is a play on words, meaning either “Have an opinion on Stockholm” or “Like Stockholm”, depending on where you put the stress). The sign in question was a “No Thorouhgfare” sign at the end of Götgatsbacken toward Slussen:

Picture of the misleading street sign at the end of Götgatsbacken towards Slussen

…which should really be a “Motor Vehicles Prohibited” sign, since the above sign prohibits not only motor trafic but also biking, which is contradictory now that the biking lane has been opened up after being closed for some time.

Last morning (i.e. Wednesday, three days after reporting), to my surprise and delight Continue reading →

Two very different attitudes to your reviews – Booking.com and TripAdvisor

I made a long trip around last Christmas, covering several countries and stretching over 1 month. A week or so after coming back home I decided to write reviews for some of the places, inspired by a review reminder from Booking.com.

Screenshot of the review request reminder from Booking.com for hotel Erlanger Hof.

I decided to write both on TripAdvisor.com, where I had researched many of the places extensively, and on Booking.com, where I had booked at least one of the hotels.

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Nice to get an engaged answer

It’s always nice when your suggestions get an enthusiastic reception. I often let web sites and physical places I visit know about small and large things that I think can be improved; often I get a “Thanks, we’ll look into that.” for an answer – polite and sincere but with a big risk that the suggestion will get lost in the daily routine.

But sometimes you get an answer that is a bit more engaged, that answer which brightens up your day a bit, like the answer I got from MJ Multimedia today (a Sunday, mind you – someone made the effort to answer during their day off!). Continue reading →

Why charge congestion tax for people who leave the city?

A few years ago a “Congestion tax” was introduced in Stockholm – road fees that are meant to reduce the amount of traffic in the city center[1] and push people to go around Stockholm, rather than through the city.

Picture of one of the congestion tax control points in Stockholm

Photo: Holger Ellgaard. The picture is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported and has been cropped from below compared to the the original picture.

What I don’t understand though – if you want to reduce congestions and traffic in the city center, why are you charged for leaving the city and not just for entering? 

1. The full purpose is to “reduce congestion, increase accessibility and improve the environment”, see www.stockholmsforsoket.se/templates/page.aspx?id=2431. Back △

Suicide Attack in Stockholm the Other Day? – Better Time Stamp Old Articles in the Top Lists

Yesterday (September 12, 2014) the “Most Read” top list at Swedish journal Svenska Dagbladet’s web site included a link to an article about the suicide attack in Stockholm 2010:

Screenshot of the "Most read" list, with the link to the article "Man blew himself up in Stockholm" highlighted
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Listen to the Public – But Pick Something that Works

Stockholm County Council has recently launched a site where you can vote for your favorite color for the yet-to-be-decided new subway line in Stockholm[1]www.linjefarg.se

Screenshot of the main page of linjefarg.se

I like the fact that they take the time to survey the public opinion since Continue reading →

Skype Simplifies the Pricing

Halleluja! Skype just announced[1] that they will simplify the top-up in EU + Switzerland and only charge what you ask them to – the VAT will be included in the minute rate instead of being added on top of the top-up amount:

Picture of part of the Swedish announcement from Skype about how they change charging the VAT in the EU and in Switzerland.

Well done! 

1. If anyone has a link to the English version of the email, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll include it in the post. Back △

How Google Drive Attachments Should Work in Gmail

Today, for the first time, I tried to attach a document in Gmail using Google Drive, since it was too big to be sent as a normal attachment.

Image of the button for inserting files with Google Drive in Gmail.

These are the steps I followed:

  1. I clicked “Insert files with Drive”.
  2. I dropped the concerned file in the window that opened and clicked “Upload”.
  3. I sent the email.

So far so good, but the strange thing was what happened after that: Continue reading →